Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pete Rose's new gig

by Uncle George

  Another 'hit' for Pete Rose.

  For those of you who believe that Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame you should check out his latest venture on reality TV.

  The 70-something hit king has got his Kim Kardashian wannabe girlfriend and himself are embarrassing themselves.

  I'll give Pete credit.

  Kiana Kim is a spectacular to say the least - a grand slam home run for a guy, who is famous for getting singles.

  But, it just seems that if he truly is hoping that baseball will change their minds and welcome him into Cooperstown, then he might want to keep a lower, more respectable profile.

  But, then when I check out Kim - I can see the logic of his decision.

  If it was me, then it would be a no-brainer.  Kim wins.

  Especially since with no inductees this year Pete's autograph stand on the sidewalk was looking so profitable this summer.


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