Thursday, November 15, 2012

Odd Situation

by Patrick Ronald

  I was on my way home from work on Wednesday afternoon and to be completely honest with you guys - I've been pretty down in the dumps lately with the change of season and other personal stuff swirling through my head.

  But, this was good.  This took me out of my funky mood for several hours.

  I was traveling southbound on Harlem and got stopped at the light at 111th Street under the bridge.

  An old man with a bandanna on was jamming hard to 97.9 with his windows down.

  I too had my window rolled down since it was slightly warmer than normal and I proudly sported my Notre Dame winter hat, which I wear every single day.

  We made eye contact and he recognized my hat.

  The old man turned down his radio and shouted 'Go Irish' to me.

  'Go Irish,' I replied back.

  We engaged in a very descriptive conversation at this stop light in a short amount of time.

  The man claimed to be former legendary Irish head coach Frank Leahy's grandson.

  'I love that team,' he said as the conversation continued.

  He has four Wake Forest tickets that he says he can't give away.  He sat seventh row at the Miami game at Soldier Field game and he tells people to scatter when they're climbing on his grand fathers statue outside Notre Dame Stadium.

  Obviously, the guy could've been bullshitting me, but I don't see the point of that.

  I don't have a reason not to believe him.

  Whether the old man was a Leahy or not doesn't matter.  

  That simple 1.5 minute conversation is something I'll remember forever and it picked up my mood for the rest of the day.

  Thanks Mr. Leahy.  I hope you move those tickets and Go Irish!!!


  1. My bf is an Alabama fan. I find the "Roll Tide" thing to be crazy. We traveled all over the East Coast and from the East Coast back here to Illinois; and wherever we went, if he was wearing something Alabama, someone would say "Roll Tide." He'd say it back. I'd never seen anything like it before, and I came across a lot of fellow Cubs and Hawks fans on the East Coast. It just isn't the same.
    I think college football has something special about it. So even if that guy you talked to had a bit of a vivid imagination, it's cool that you had the talk.
    It's nice to share something like that.
    I'll be yelling "Go Irish!" this weekend, too, with my first visit to my former dream school (back before money factored into dreams.)
    Congrats on a fantastic season so far. Keep up the good work.
    Go ND!