Friday, November 30, 2012

No Brainer

by Patrick Ronald

  I'll tell you what - I would've did it too and whoever these idiots are out there that oppose Kansas City Chiefs running back, Jamal Charles' choice to ask a future hall of famer for an autograph are stupid as hell.

  Peyton Manning is a first ballot hall of famer and nobody will debate that and I totally support Charles for asking for an autograph for his mom and brother.

  It's not like he physically received the autograph during the coin flip and it's definetley not like Charles plays defensive line and took it easy on the aging quarterback.

  "It's just two warriors showing each other respect," Charles said Tuesday on twitter.

  Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe was on the same page, while waiting outside the stadium to take his picture with Manning after Sunday's game.
  "It's Peyton Manning," he said.  "Who wouldn't want a picture with him?"  
  If I was in the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL, then I would have EVERYONE'S autograph with the best shit signed.

  So relax ESPN and get off your high horses you stupid media personnel.  Charles did nothing wrong except what every single on of us would've done.

  Just because your a pro-bowl running back in the NFL doesn't mean you can't have another players autograph - just saying.