Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bad Luck

by George

  Chicago sports is having a bad year.  

  The Bears, driving for a playoff birth, lose Cutler.  The Hawks, heading to the Stanley Cup, lose Hossa.  And now the Bulls, cruising to an NBA crown, lose Rose.  

  If this run of bad luck continues one can only wonder which Cub superstar will suffer a season-ending injury when they're only a win or two from capturing the World Series.  The current roster is loaded with all-stars and future Hall of Famers so it's kinda hard to choose just one.  

  Just think of the letter "S".  The loss of any these three would kill any chance that the Cubs have to make their World Series run.  I like to call them the Big Three.  They remind me of when I was a kid and the Giants had Mays, McCovey and Cepeda.  

  They strike fear in the hearts of every pitcher that has to face them.  And one of them, if Chicago's bad luck continues, is doomed.  

  But, which one?  

  I hate to even think about it.  Can you imagine the Cubs without the timely, clutch hitting of our Big Three...Soriano, Stewart and Soto?  Heck, consider this.  If you ADD UP the batting averages of Soto and Stewart you have a guy almost hitting 300.  And, in addition to Soriano's incredible power you have arguably the best defensive left-fielder in the game.  

  When one of these guys go down, and they will, when history repeats itself, the Cubs will be dead in the water.  So, Cub fans, enjoy while you can.  Hopefully none of the three will suffer their injury before the All-Star game so at least we can see them shine in the Summer Classic.  

  Damn you Billy Goat.   'till next time   HEY!!!! HEY!!!! 

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  1. Big Three of Stewart, Soriano, and Soto... I hope this article was a joke.