Monday, April 9, 2012

Midway to LaGuardia

by Patrick Ronald

  The bartender was swamped as I patiently waited for two pints of Miller Lite, which were obviously overpriced at the Midway Airport bar.

  It was almost impossible to get the guy's attention as I stood there in my new Bulls hoody and brand new Hawks hat.

  My brother and I were at the Oak Street Beach Cafe.  This was the beginning of our voyage to Broklyn to visit our sister.

  Long story short - this Asian dude said he attended Boston College.  He was was frustrated because he couldn't get a beer if he 'flashed 100s and did cartwheels.'

  The Master's Tournament was on two TV's and The Frozen Four, which featured the No. 1 seed Boston College Eagles, was on the other.

  It was the national semifinal vs Minnesota.

  The 'suits' swiftly tried to turn the hockey game to the golf tournament.

  The Nebraska native and San Francisco bound fella from Boston College wasn't having it and promptly defended his TV.

  "I'm watching that,' he yelled sternly.  "I went to BC."

  We got to talking.  He asked if DRose was playing soon and why they would make such a foolish move?

  At the time, Rose was a game-time decision vs Boston and ultimately did not play until Sunday's game against New York at Madison Square Garden.

  We agreed that the MVP doesn't need to be on the floor as long as they're still a No. 1 seed.

  We also talked a bit about the Boston College - Notre Dame rivalry and we agreed that it's a love-hate relationship.

  I give BC respect even though the Eagles have broken my heart so many times.  I can't help but hate them and laugh when the Irish pound them.

  This kicked off my trip to NYC.  I boarded my flight.  BC eventually won the Frozen Four Tournament.

  I'm happy for that guy from BC.

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