Friday, April 13, 2012

And, the award goes to....

by Uncle George

  Well, after watching the Bulls extinguish the mighty Heat last night I just wanted to point out that the winner of the Sixth Man award this season is obviously a Chicago Bull.  

  CJ Watson.  No, wait.  Taj Gibson.  No, I mean Kyle Korver.  Did I say Watson/Gibson/Korver?  I meant to say the big Turk, Asik.  

  Have you ever seen a bench so completely demolish the bench of the "greatest team in NBA" history as our Bulls did last night?  

  Watching the Heat lose is an absolute joy.  I live in south Florida so that's all I ever hear, but, it also includes all the talking heads that just go on and on and on.  

  Even fellow St. Ignatius grad, Mike Wilbon, predicted a 58-8 record before the season began.  

  NEWSFLASH is a TEAM game and the Bulls are a team.  The over-hyped Heat are a collection of players, some very, very good and others that merely collect a nice paycheck.  

  The Bulls might not win the title but at least the team that beats them will have to do it at the Madhouse on Madison.  Til next time HEY!!!  HEY!!!

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