Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dunn Nothin'

by Ken Kay

   We all know Adam Dunn was horrible last year.  Even Dunn knows it.  For a guy who brags about not picking up a bat during the offseason and "just goes with it" when spring training starts, last year put him at the top of the list of disappointments right next to Alex Rios and Jake Peavy.

So this year will be different, right? 

According to several recent interviews, Dunn claims he's picking up the bat and practicing a little more than he usually does. . 

Something that made me mad this morning was the fact he hasn't been in contact with the new hitting coach, Jeff Manto.  You'd think for a guy who was projected to put up 40 home-runs and ended up with 11 would want to start working with or at least talk to the new hitting coach.

I guess I'm just fired up because of the Prince Fielder news.    The Sox have to see this beast 19 games a year for the next nine years.  Pitchers fear this man but laugh when they see Dunn step into the box.

Good for Detroit.  Spending money on a young power hitter who's known for his great work ethic (take notes Dunn).  Detroit is spending money and the Sox are trying to cut payroll.  The Tigers will probably be the favorite to win the division for at least the next four to five years unless Dunn, Rios and Peavy start to play to their potential and stay healthy.

All I'm asking for is Dunn to prove us all wrong.  But, even if he increases his numbers by 50%, that's still not good enough.

2011 -   HRs  11    RBIs  42   Avg. 159