Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cubs Talk

by George

  Hello again Cub fans.  

  Adios to Carlos Pena.  Let's do the math.  

  We jettison 54 home runs and 173 ribbies (Aramis and Carlos) for a guy who in 122 at bats had ZERO home runs and 6, count them, 6 rbi's and a TBA at first base.  

  Where is Hee Sop Choi when you need him?  As a lifelong Cub fan I need both hands, both feet, and some additional body parts to count the number of "can't miss prospects" that have come and gone over the many years.  

  I hope the prospects the official cub website are bragging about bring a little more to the table than Choi, and so many others, did.  If I sound a little negative, it's because I prefer to be realistic and not always listen to the propaganda being fed to us on a daily basis.  

  This is a story about what I am talking about...realism over fantasy.  In 1966 my brother, best friend, and myself drove to see the Cubs at Crosley Field in Cincy.  sidenote...have seen games at crosley, riverfront and great american in the river city.  

  Anyway, the Cubs were mediocre, I think it was Leo's first year, and the game we were watching was close into the late innings.  We had two women Cub fans  sitting in front of us that were in the "fantasy"  category.  A Cub could do no wrong, under any circumstances.  

  So Lee Thomas, our first baseman, perhaps the slowest runner in baseball at the time, singles to lead off the eighth and immediately gets picked off.  The three of us go ballistic for such utter stupidity and then the two women turn to us and begin to lecture us that...believe me, this is what they said...this was our strategy, that Leo had ordered Thomas to get picked off.  And they were 100% serious.  

  They said that we didn't know anything about baseball and this set off my brother, a big bs artist, even to this day.  He immediately told the two that I, his older brother, was here from Lodi, Ca, and the Cubs rookie league for a weekend visit.  I don't remember all the details, but he convinced them that I was but a year or two away from Wrigley Field.  

  Two things.  Leo never ordered any of his players to get picked off and I never made it to Wrigley Field.  So, you can be a Cub fan and not believe the fantasy that your cub hero struck out on purpose, got picked off on purpose, or blew an easy save on purpose for some greater cause.  They just failed that day...the very thing that makes baseball the greatest game of them all.    Till next time...HEY HEY!!!!!

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