Friday, September 16, 2011

Ozzie's Final Hours

by Patrick Ronald
    I stopped caring about the White Sox weeks ago.  You can call me a fair-weather fan or what not, but when the wheels fell off the Ozzie train this summer I jumped off. 

"Their fight left three days ago," Guillen said on Thursday. 

Really Ozzie, three days ago?
The White Sox are 5-9 this month, with six of those defeats to the Tigers.  They trailed Detroit by 5.5 games when they arrived at Comerica Park Sept. 2, but were swept to fall 8½ back.  Then Jim Leyland and company completed ANOTHER sweep of the Sox Wednesday.
Now the Sox are 13.5 back.  Apparently ‘their fight’ left at least three weeks ago.

This embarrassment of a season, which was constantly surrounded by the circus known as Chicago’s White Sox media coverage, appears extremely obvious that Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen will never see eye-to-eye again (at least in terms of running a baseball club) and their co-worker days appear to be history by month’s end.
So with all that said, THANK YOU OZZIE for everything you’ve provided us White Sox fans.  The quotes.  The rants.  The blowups.  The showdowns.  The twitter posts.  The smiles.  The fun.  The CHAMPIONSHIP.  You’ve sported ‘unlucky 13’ for the Southsiders as a player and manager for more than 20 years and the memories are endless.
FOT wouldn’t even touch a top-10 list since it’s near impossible to box only 10 sound bites around you.
I know you’ll be the manager of the Marlins very soon.  That doesn’t upset me and if you leave today I have no hard feelings.

I appreciate you for speaking your mind and thank you for being the stubborn, hard-nosed person, which most South Sideers are.
Good luck and leave before the doors slam shut and you’re stuck with millions of Sox fans angrily calling for your head.
Right now, it’s whatever, but another year of this bullshit circus would just be a waste of time and none of us want any part of it.


  1. Hey guys, whats the rule on spotting the ball? The Saints caught a pass at about 2:50 left in the 3rd qtr, where a receiver caught the ball in the air and tackled and landed about 4 yards shorter from where they spotted the ball. Were the Bears robbed of a few yards? Just wondering!

  2. Teri, the Saints receiver who caught that pass has diareah, so they gave him a break

  3. Honestly, I think they Bears got robbed of a few yards. Everyone I was watching the game with noticed this as well.