Monday, September 26, 2011

Irish Survive, Bears Embarrass

by Patrick Ronald

    I’m not even mad about the whooping the Packers put on the Bears Sunday afternoon.

As a matter of fact, I couldn’t even reach the angry-tipping-point during the game as I watched the same game you all did.
 “Wow.  This is exactly why I’m going to miss the Bulls this year,” one of my good friends said in disgust at some point during the third quarter.
 The Bears looked unprepared and sloppy, as defensive backs blew coverages, wide receivers mis-ran routes, quarterbacks air-mailed passes and offensive coaches shied away from the running game, for the second straight week, making the mediocre offense one dimensional, again.
Offensive coordinator Mike Martz often refers to Matt Forte as the Bears best offensive player.  I couldn’t agree more.  We all know the kid is a stud, but I find it hard to believe Forte has ONLY 35 carries in the first three games.   

That’s unacceptable, PERIOD.
It’s just not the way the Bears win football games, especially when our wide receivers would rather throw punches and look for flags instead of getting back to the huddle and getting ready for the next play.
The Bears rushing attack is ranked 31st in the NFL.  Yes, 53.7 yards per game is pathetic, but it doesn’t mean forget about it.
I don’t blame Jay Cutler anymore.  
The guy is on his back more often than a drunk-sorority girl on a Saturday night and frankly, I’m almost expecting him to retire at the post-game conference one of these weekends and challenge any one of his critics to jump behind center and watch a wall of defensive players easily attack him, while he runs for his life.
I’m not sure if Martz got the memo, but this is a run the ball, smash you in the mouth and wear the other team’s defensive line down type of football city.
Lovie said he was ‘dissatisfied with our entire team’ and we are too.  Change up your game plan because this crap you’ve put on the field the past two weeks is unacceptable.  

Remember, I picked the Packers even though I didn’t want to, but unlike Ken, I wasn’t naïve enough to think the Bears stood a chance.  I just saw it coming.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t reach that angry tipping point Sunday.


    On a more positive note, my beloved Irish climbed their way back to a level 2-2 record after a Saturday morning victory over the Pittsburgh Panthers.  

Granted it was anything, but pretty.  Actually, it was quite frustrating.  

With the exception of one lucky 79-yard-touchdown gallop by Jonas Gray and Tommy Rees’ mid-fourth quarter touchdown pass, the Panthers looked like the victor at Heinz Field.
Rees looked like a rookie quarterback, while losing a fumble, which led to a Pittsburgh field goal and capping a impressive and lengthy second quarter drive with another interception at the goal line.
“There's some frustration when you're not putting points on the board," said Irish junior tight end, Tyler Eifert.  "But at the same time you've got to keep grinding.”
However, Rees rose to the occasion throwing 8-for-8 on what proved to be the game winning drive in the fourth quarter.  Eifert caught Rees’ touchdown pass from six yards out and the following two-point conversion.
“Our defense stepped up big and our offense scored just enough points,” Eifert added.
Eifert caught four passes on the drive, while the Irish star wide receiver and Rees’ favorite target, Michael Floyd, was bottled up and wasn’t much of a factor due to a strong Pittsburgh focus.
"You've just got to make the right decisions," Rees said after the game. "We did some good things getting the ball underneath and just kind of chipping away at their defense."
Rees finished 24-for-41 with 216 yards, but he delivered when it mattered.

  Bears host Carolina, Sunday at noon
  Irish at Purdue, Saturday at 7 p.m.

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