Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Briggs Defends His Trade Demands

by Ken Kay

    Like a gnat that wont leave you alone, Lance Briggs is still asking for the Bears to "hear him out".

The 6-time Pro Bowl linebacker began demanding he be traded if the Bears didn't re-negotiate his contract this season.  He's set to make $3.65 million in 2011.  According to interviews with ESPN, Briggs felt he had to demand something in order to get the Bears to talk to him.

"The main ingredient here, based off my decision, is to get something," Briggs said on Monday. "To have management even be willing to talk. Whether it be, let's deal with it at the end of the year, let's deal with it after the season, then I have something to work with. But when the organization or management says we're not talking now, we're not talking ever, that puts me in a position where I know my days are numbered."

Personally, I think most of these thoughts are coming from his agent because we all know sports agents don't work for free.  Brainwashed Briggs is hearing things similar to, "Hey, do you know you've made six strait pro bowls...#54 hasn't even accomplished that,  And he's BEEN getting paid!  Where's yours Briggs?  Now is your time.  They are $19 million under the cap right now, go ask them, I'm sorry, demand for more money."

So, Briggs did what he thought he had to do for himself, and the Bears called his bluff.

"What he's doing is not something that hasn't been done here in Chicago and around the league," Bears GM Jerry Angelo said Monday at a season ticketholders event. "We feel very, very confident that Lance's focus is going to be on the season and having a great year, and we'll just take care of our business when that time comes. And that'll be at the end of the year."

Briggs then went on to say he has a right as a player to demand a raise, or at least "flip his years" in his contract so he'd be making more money this year than the last year of his contract.

I don't blame the Bears for wanting to talk at the end of the season, especially when Briggs missed most of the preseason with a knee injury we don't know much about.   There's no way I'd give anyone a raise after they couldn't play in the preseason due to injury.  We haven't seen him play this year and the Bears are suppose to give him more money? 

The Bears gave in to his demands years ago when this same situation came up and now they're making sure history isn't going to repeat itself.  Angelo said they will evaluate everything at the end of the season.  

Maybe if Briggs makes his seventh strait Pro Bowl appearance this year, which he is only one of four linebackers in franchise history to make six strait Pro Bowls, then Angelo might consider "re-evaluating".  Until then, the Bears, Briggs and his agent, all agreed to stop talking and focus on the season.  

Don't hold your breath.

(credit to espn.com) 


  1. Man $19 million under the cap in the third largest market in sports is a bit ridiculous...Briggs has every right to demand the money he deserves. Well written article my friend.

    This team needs to go out and get a solid CB to compliment Tillman and help out the front four. I vote 9 games people.

  2. I completely agree B_Deezy. $19 million under the cap is outrageous. Don't most teams push their limits and go as far as they can without going over? Instead the Bears have the money to spend and wont do it. No wonder why some free agents decide to play somewhere else.